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Freescale Kinetis ARM® Cortex™ Microcontrollers
All Kinetis MCUs are supported by a comprehensive Freescale and third-party hardware and software enablement system which reduces development costs and time to market.

Microchip 8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers
PIC microcontrollers are finding their way into new applications like smart phones, audio accessories, video gaming peripherals and advanced medical devices. Microchip provides solutions for the entire performance range of 8-bit microcontrollers, with easy-to-use development tools, complete technical documentation and post design-in support through a global sales and distribution network.

Microchip 32-bit PIC® Microcontrollers
Microchip's 32-bit portfolio with the MIPS® M4K® offers high performance microcontrollers, and all the tools needed to develop your embedded project. With free software, low cost development tools, and pin/peripheral compatibility from 16-bit product lines, PIC32 MCUs shorten time to market and allow your designs to grow.

Microchip 16-bit PIC® Microcontrollers
Microchip’s new low cost PIC24F Microcontroller family offers a blend of extreme low power, intelligent analog integration, and 5V operation along with advanced PWM control in low pin count options for applications such as flow meters, smoke detectors, stepper and BLDC motors, LED dimming, battery charging, environmental sensors and portable disposable medical products.

Renesas Starter Kit for RX111 Special Offer
For a limited time, Avnet Electronics Marketing and Renesas Electronics are offering the RX11 RSK Development Kit for $99

Renesas MCU Solutions
Renesas offers a wide choice of microcontroller (MCU) solutions, comprising 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit MCU families. The Renesas microcontroller portfolio offers the most scalable MCU platforms available, offering low power, high performance, small packages and the largest range of memory sizes combined with feature-rich peripherals.

Silicon Labs EFM32ZG Zero Gecko 32-bit Microcontroller
The EFM32™ Zero Gecko is the latest addition to the Silicon Labs' EFM32 Gecko portfolio of ultra low power and energy friendly 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs).

Silicon Labs C8051F85x/86x Small Form Factor MCUs
The C8051F85x/6x is a highly integrated AEC-Q100 qualified MCU product family without any compromise on features or performance. The C8051F85x/6x devices feature a highly-efficient enhanced 8051 pipelined architecture with 2 to 8 kB flash, 256/512 byte RAM, a 12-bit multi-channel analog to digital converter (ADC), a precise internal voltage reference, two analog comparators with programmable hysteresis and response time, an extended temperature range (up to 125 °C) and a host of communication peripherals (SMBus/I2C, SPI, UART).

Texas Instruments IC Motor Control Solutions
Texas Instruments (TI) is a global market leader that provides complete motor-drive and control solutions along with broad analog and microcontroller portfolios. TI offers comprehensive tools, software and support to deliver efficient, reliable, cost effective motor solutions.