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Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung Electro-Mechanics manufactures high-tech electronic components that are essential for electronic products, The invisible high technologies of Samsung Electro-Mechanics are incorporated into several different electronic devices that help people live comfortable lives. The future world will be completed with the state-of-the art technologies of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, The invisible but incredible power to move the world is the present and future of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
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Capacitor   »   Capacitor Array  (15)
Capacitor   »   Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer  (4523)
Capacitor   »   Capacitor Tantalum Solid SMT  (419)
Inductor   »   Inductor Surface Mount  (735)
Memory   »   DRAM Chip  (1)
Memory   »   Flash Card  (1)
Resistor   »   Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount  (3024)
Resistor   »   Resistor Misc  (10894)
Resistor   »   Resistor Networks and Arrays  (9090)