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Seiko Instruments

Seiko Instruments Semiconductors produces Low power and small footprint ICs, voltage detectors, switching regulators, battery-protection IC‘s, serial EEPROMs, charge pumps, lithium-ion battery protection, real time clocks, temperature and magnetism sensors, operational amp and comparators.
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Amplifiers   »   Comparator  (4)
Amplifiers   »   OP Amp  (5)
Capacitor   »   Capacitor Electric Double Layer  (3)
Capacitor   »   Capacitor Misc  (1)
Displays   »   LCD Driver  (8)
Filter   »   SAW Filter  (30)
Interface   »   Interface Misc  (2)
Logic and Timing   »   Controlled Oscillators  (17)
Logic and Timing   »   Crystals  (104)
Logic and Timing   »   Logic ICs   »   Gates  (10)
Logic and Timing   »   Logic ICs   »   Inverter Schmitt Trigger  (6)
Logic and Timing   »   Real Time Clock  (14)
Logic and Timing   »   SMD Crystal Oscillator  (100)
Logic and Timing   »   TH Crystal Oscillator  (3)
Memory   »   EEPROM  (43)
Power Management   »   Battery Management  (222)
Power Management   »   Charge Pump  (12)
Power Management   »   DC to DC Controller  (339)
Power Management   »   DC to DC Converter  (46)
Power Management   »   Linear Regulator  (1726)
Power Management   »   Supervisory Circuits   »   Voltage Supervisory  (861)
Power Supplies   »   Power Misc  (3)
Sensors and Transducers   »   Magnetic Sensors   »   Hall Effect Sensors  (3)
Sensors and Transducers   »   Motion and Position Sensors   »   Gyroscopes  (2)
Sensors and Transducers   »   Thermal Sensors   »   Temperature Sensors  (5)