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The Schurter Group was founded in Switzerland in 1933. With its more than 75 years in business, Schurter continues to be a progressive innovator and manufacturer of Fuses and Varistors, Circuit Breakers, Power Entry Modules & Connectors, Input Systems, EMC Products, as well as providing manufacturing services for the electronic and electrical industries worldwide. Schurter’s product innovation focuses on safe supply of power and making the interface between human and machine easier. Schurter’s market focus is in the area of IT / Telecom, Medical, Space and Renewable Energy. Schurter, Inc. Santa Rosa, California, is the exclusive North American sales and distribution office for the Schurter Group.
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Capacitor   »   Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer  (1)
Circuit Protection   »   Circuit Breaker  (1697)
Circuit Protection   »   Circuit Breaker Accessories  (16)
Circuit Protection   »   Fuse Accessories  (600)
Circuit Protection   »   Fuses  (2241)
Circuit Protection   »   PTC Resettable Fuse  (95)
Circuit Protection   »   Varistor  (364)
Filter   »   Power Line Filter  (346)
Inductor   »   Inductor Leaded  (238)
Inductor   »   Inductor Surface Mount  (3)
Interconnect   »   Cable Accessories  (2)
Interconnect   »   Cable Assembly  (87)
Interconnect   »   Connector Accessories  (78)
Interconnect   »   Connector Audio and Video  (103)
Interconnect   »   Connector Circular  (3)
Interconnect   »   Connector Electronic Test Equipment  (19)
Interconnect   »   Connector Power  (594)
Interconnect   »   Power Entry Module  (1646)
Interface   »   Interface Misc  (1)
Kits and Tools   »   Assembly Tools  (2)
Kits and Tools   »   Component Kits  (7)
Lighting   »   LED Accessories  (144)
Logic and Timing   »   SMD Crystal Oscillator  (1)
Power Supplies   »   Power Misc  (1183)
Switches and Relays   »   Switches   »   Keypads and Keyboards  (2)
Switches and Relays   »   Switches   »   Misc Switch  (380)
Switches and Relays   »   Switches   »   Push Button Switch  (102)
Switches and Relays   »   Switches   »   Rocker Switch  (1)
Switches and Relays   »   Switches   »   Switch Accessories  (71)
Switches and Relays   »   Switches   »   Tactile Switch  (629)
Transformer   »   Pulse Transformer  (42)