This library contains a large number of commonly used DSP functions optimized for the ARM Cortex-A processor family. There are functions for 32-bit floating-point and 32-bit fixed-point data types and extensive optimization using Neon instructions has be


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  • Reduce development time and effort by reusing proven libraries
  • Hand optimized code improves the overall efficiency of your software
  • Allows you to add new features or reduce power consumption

Part#: DSPLIB A8/9 D

Version: 1.0

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Software Type: Single-Use (View License)

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  • Part Status: Production
  • Licensing Terms: Single-Use
  • Market Segment: Automotive, Communication/Wired, Consumer/Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Military/Aerospace
  • Chipset Compatibility: DaVinci, i.MX5xx, i.MXX6xx, OMAP3, OMAP4, Sitara, Zynq
  • OS Compatibility: Agnostic
  • ARM Core: CortexA15, CortexA7, CortexA8, CortexA9
  • Software Language: C
  • Code Size: 75KB- 3MB

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DSP Concepts, LLC

DSP Concepts is an engineering services firm that specializes in the development of embedded audio products and technology. We assist customers in developing innovative audio products customized to their requirements, through consulting services coupled with state-of-the-art proprietary design tools. Their core competencies are audio and DSP algorithms, tool and library development, and MIPs and memory optimization.

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