Help & Support

You can download the software as many times as you need.

Your system administrator may be able to configure your firewall to allow you to download software. If not, you can still download the software using HTTPS. Information about, and access to, the HTTPS download method is located under Advanced Download Options on the Product Download page. If using HTTPS resolves your issue, please change your default download method through the Download Preferences link, if available, in the site navigation.

If you started your download with an FTP method, you can use a command line download utility such as WGET to restart the download from where it stopped. If you used HTTPS, you will have to start the download again.

Placing a Non-Taxable order
Orders checked as non-taxable will not ship until a valid tax certificate is received. Download the Avnet Resale Certificate below and fax to (480) 794-9161 or email this form, or requests for specific state forms, to For general questions about Avnet or your order please contact us at 1 (800) 408-8353.

Opening an Avnet Terms Account
You can request an Avnet terms account by submitting a completed credit application. Credit Applications are available on line or by calling a Customer Care Representative at 1 (800) 408-8353. Once you have completed the credit application, please fax it to 1 (800) 585-1598.